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YES­TER­DAY, North forced with 2 ♠ in re­sponse to part­ner’s 1 ♣ open­ing and then jumped to 4 ♠ af­ter South’s 3 ♣ re­bid. What went wrong with this auction? BY MAK­ING a forc­ing-to-game jump re­sponse on the first round, north has an­nounced he has slam in­ter­est and a fair idea of where the con­tract will be played.

Cer­tainly, this is an ex­cel­lent hand fac­ing an open­ing bid, but the qual­ity of the long suit is not good. It is there­fore wiser to pre­serve bid­ding space un­til you have found out more about part­ner’s hand.

south will re­bid 2 ♣ in re­sponse to 1 ♠ , and it would now be cor­rect to jump to 3 ♠ . By forc­ing with 2 ♠ and then jump­ing to 4 ♠ , north has con­ven­tion­ally shown a solid self­sup­port­ing suit with no loser in it (at least A k Q J x x or A k Q x x x x). This helps part­ner to know he can bid a slam with a sin­gle­ton or even a void in the trump suit. At the ta­ble, south held: ♠ x ♥ kJx ♦ k Q J 10 ♣ Q J 10 x x and af­ter a heart lead, 4 ♠ went down, with 3nT mak­ing at least one over­trick.

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