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CRE­DEN­TIALS for the Tyson Fury fight had to be col­lected be­fore 6pm on Satur­day and by mid-af­ter­noon the word was that the area around the Sta­ples Cen­ter was a lit­tle chaotic. Best get down in plenty of time, which is how we came to be watch­ing in the sub­ter­ranean me­dia room as Ado­nis Steven­son fought Olek­sandr Gvozdyk for the WBC light-heavy­weight ti­tle in Que­bec. Ac­tu­ally, watch­ing may be too strong a word for it. The fight was on and some in the room had half an eye on it. That’s how ca­sual the fight game can be. There were even two bouts sched­uled af­ter Fury and Deon­tay Wilder had left the arena on Satur­day, played out to a largely empty hall. Yet those fighters were tak­ing the same risk as men whose gift for vi­o­lence fills 80,000 ca­pac­ity venues. An un­lucky se­quence of events, a sin­gle blow that has con­se­quence be­yond its in­ten­tion, and we en­ter the realm of tragedy. So when, later that night, it emerged that the fight we half-stud­ied, that we had ab­sent-mind­edly noted the Ukrainian chal­lenger won, had re­sulted in Steven­son be­ing taken to Que­bec’s Ho­pi­tal de l’En­fant-Je­sus, where the spe­cial­ist neu­ro­log­i­cal unit placed him in an in­duced coma, it was a sober­ing re­minder. We can ar­gue about the judges, the scor­ing, the count, but noth­ing should ever be taken for granted in box­ing. If ev­ery­one comes home safe, some­times it’s bet­ter to sim­ply say thanks, and move on.

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