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- Claire Foy · Noomi Rapace · Rooney Mara · Emily Atack

1. Greg’s petrol tank is one-third full of fuel, and Tanya’s is half full. When Tanya isn’t look­ing, Greg siphons seven-eighths of her fuel into his tank, fill­ing it com­pletely. If there is a to­tal of 46 litres of petrol in the two tanks, how much does Greg’s petrol tank hold when full? 2. What con­nects ac­tresses Noomi Ra­pace, Rooney Mara and Claire Foy? 3. Which I’m a Celebrity 2018 con­tes­tant might MAKE IT LACY? 4. Which is the odd one out: Sec­re­tariat, Na­tive Dancer, Sher­gar, Se­abis­cuit? 5. Us­ing the chem­i­cal sym­bols, how may chromium, in­dium and ger­ma­nium make one flinch?

1 Forty-two litres. 2 They have all played Lis­beth Sa­lan­der on film. 3 Emily Atack. 4 Sher­gar; the other race­horses were Amer­i­can. 5 Cringe (Cr-In-Ge).

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