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1. Which part of a pro­boscis mon­key’s anatomy is unusu­ally large, hence its name? 2. What is the of­fi­cial term to de­scribe a car man­u­fac­tured be­fore De­cem­ber 1918? 3. What was the name of the skele­tal school­mas­ter who of­ten fea­tured in the works of car­toon­ist Carl Giles? 4. Labour politi­cian Chi On­wu­rah rep­re­sents a con­stituency in which English city? 5. Who be­came res­i­dent singer on the TV com­edy show The Frost Re­port in 1966? 6. Bri­tish nov­el­ist May Sin­clair is cred­ited with coin­ing which three-word term in con­nec­tion with early 20th-cen­tury lit­er­a­ture?

1 Nose. 2 Veteran. 3 Chalkie. 4 New­cas­tle. 5 Julie Felix. 6 Stream of con­scious­ness.

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