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YOU have ten min­utes to find as many words as pos­si­ble us­ing the let­ters in the wheel. Each word must use the hub let­ter and at least three oth­ers, and let­ters may be used only once. You can­not use plu­rals, for­eign words or proper nouns, but verb forms end­ing in ‘s’ are per­mit­ted. There is one nine-let­ter word in the wheel, for which to­day’s clue is: Go­ing all around the globe with weird old con­trap­tion. How you rate: 15 words, av­er­age; 20 words, good; 25 words, very good; 30 or more, ex­cel­lent. So­lu­tion to­mor­row. Yes­ter­day’s words: fist, fitly, fits, flit, flits, fluty, fustily, fusty, lift, lifts, lilt, lilts, list, lust, lustily, lusty, sift, silt, silty, slit, still, stilly, stull, suit, swift, swiftly, till, tills, twill, twills, wifty, wilt, wilts, wist­ful, wist­fully.

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