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DON’T miss out on a share of the £1 mil­lion* cash prize in our Lucky Squares game. Yes­ter­day, 12 read­ers won £25 each — and it could be your turn to­day.


1. FIND your Unique Num­ber in the MyMail panel on the back of to­day’s pa­per. Your Unique Num­ber com­prises six two-digit num­bers from 01 to 90.

2. EACh square on to­day’s Lucky Squares grid con­tains a two-digit num­ber and some also con­tain coloured shapes. Cir­cle the squares whose num­bers match any of the two-digit num­bers of your Unique Num­ber.

3. TO WIN, your match­ing squares need to con­tain all of one type of shape (for ex­am­ple, three blue diamonds). If you cir­cle all of one shape, you win the as­so­ci­ated prize. You must call TO­DAY to claim. HOW TO CLAIM

1. IF YOU match your Unique Num­ber with an en­tire set of one shape, call 0345 071 2722 to­day from 9.30am to 5pm.

2. Ev­ERY claim must be ver­i­fied by a com­plete, orig­i­nal win­ning news­pa­per, so be sure to re­tain your copy of the Mail. * To­Tal prize value per 13 weeks. Terms on pre­vi­ous page. En­trants must be UK res­i­dents aged 18+. Ex­cludes NI. Claim line calls charged at lo­cal rates.

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