Which cleanser’s the clear win­ner?

From wipes to mi­crofi­bre cloths, there are so many make-up re­movers on the mar­ket. But our test re­veals the ones that REALLY scrub up

Daily Mail - - Femailmaga­zine - by Alice Smel­lie

CLEANS­INg your skin is an in­trin­sic part of a daily beauty rou­tine. But if you have used the same cleanser for years with­out even look­ing at other op­tions, it’s time to re­con­sider your choice.

For there are now hun­dreds of cleansers on the mar­ket in many dif­fer­ent forms, from wipes and foams to mi­crofi­bre cloths and oils. But which one most ef­fec­tively re­moves make-up with­out leav­ing your face cov­ered in prod­uct — or feel­ing dry?

ALICE SMEL­LIE, whose usual rou­tine in­volves garnier Mi­cel­lar Cleans­ing Wa­ter (£4.99, boots.com), tested a range of op­tions over the course of a week. Each evening, she ap­plied two squirts of foun­da­tion, 14 flicks of mas­cara per eye and a sweep of lip­stick to a clean face.

An hour- and- a- half later, she re­moved it as well as she could with the prod­uct be­ing tested, then ap­plied a mois­tur­is­ing serum by Epi­once.

The next morn­ing, she wiped her face with a damp cot­ton wool pad to see how much make-up re­mained.

Here are the re­sults . . .


Sim­ple Biodegrad­able Cleans­ing Wipes (25-pack), £2.50, boots.com

WHAT IS IT? Cleans­ing wipes made from sus­tain­able wood pulp and re­new­able plant fi­bres — the main in­gre­di­ent is wa­ter. I’m thrilled these are biodegrad­able: typ­i­cal dis­pos­able wipes aren’t re­motely eco-friendly. These con­tain no ar­ti­fi­cial colours or per­fumes, no an­i­mal- de­rived in­gre­di­ents and no harsh chem­i­cals. TEST: I wipe my face thor­oughly with one wipe for just un­der a minute — after this, no more make-up seems to be com­ing off. My face feels clean, but a bit tight, and I feel like I’m scrub­bing hard to get the makeup off. RE­SULT: The next morn­ing, I’m a lit­tle hor­ri­fied by the amount of make-up that’s still on my face. Per­haps I should have used three or four wipes, but I felt like I was drag­ging my skin. Al­most all my stub­born mas­cara has come off, though. 6/10


Eucerin Der­ma­toCLEan 3 in 1 Mi­cel­lar Cleans­ing Fluid (200ml), £9, boots.com

WHAT IS IT? An all-in- one mi­cel­lar wa­ter that is ap­pro­pri­ate for sen­si­tive skin and works on all wa­ter- sol­u­ble make-up. It is free from fra­grances and parabens, suit­able for use with con­tact lenses and con­tains hyaluronic acid to give skin mois­ture.

Mi­cel­lar wa­ters con­tain mi­cro­scopic bub­bles made of oil, which re­move dirt, grime and other make-up in­gre­di­ents. They leave no residue on the skin, mean­ing it’s not necessary to use a de­hy­drat­ing toner af­ter­wards.

TEST: This is ap­plied us­ing cot­ton wool. I must ad­mit, I seem to need an aw­ful lot of the prod­uct — around a tenth of the bot­tle — to get rid of my make-up. My skin feels a bit dragged, but fresh and toned.

RE­SULT: Ex­tremely im­pres­sive, even if one use cost me about 90p. There’s barely a scrap­ing of make-up left. Al­ready, peo­ple are start­ing to com­ment on how good my skin looks, which makes me won­der if we could all ben­e­fit from giv­ing our cleans­ing rou­tines a bit of thought. 8/10


Char­lotte Til­bury God­dess Cleans­ing Rit­ual (two x 75ml), £32.50, char­lot­tetil­bury.com

WHAT IS IT? A two-part cleans­ing rit­ual that’s a plea­sure to use, if a lit­tle time-con­sum­ing. TEST: First is a cit­rus-scented cleanser that con­tains co­conut oil. I rub it on and then re­move it with a damp muslin cloth. Next, a bam­boo char­coal cleaner helps draw out im­pu­ri­ties.

My skin feels the most hy­drated of all with this prod­uct. RE­SULT: This prob­a­bly left the least residue. Hardly sur­pris­ing, given the lengthy dou­ble-cleanse, but im­pres­sive none­the­less. 9/10


Face Halo, three for £18, beau­ty­bay.com

WHAT IS IT? This disc of soft, mi­crofi­bre fab­ric is dual- sided, re­us­able and can be washed up to 200 times, mean­ing it is far bet­ter for the planet than non biodegrad­able wipes and cost-ef­fec­tive. Sim­ply add wa­ter.

TEST: Very easy to use and I love that there’s no lo­tion in­volved. The disc looks filthy, but I don’t have to scrub to feel fresh.

RE­SULT: I’m sur­prised to see a deep smudge of foun­da­tion on the pad the next day, but there’s not a speck of mas­cara. 8/10


nat­u­ral Spa Fac­tory Da­m­a­scene Melt­ing Cleanser (50ml), £22.50, nat­u­ralspafac­tory.com

WHAT IS IT? A rose- scented, oil- based, an­tibac­te­rial and an­ti­sep­tic gel that melts on to skin to scoop up grime. TEST: I smooth the de­li­ciouss­melling, vel­vety pink gel all over my face, splosh on a lit­tle wa­ter so it turns into a creamy foam, then wipe it off with a damp cot­ton wool pad. I was con­cerned that my skin might feel a lit­tle de­hy­drated, but it’s ac­tu­ally re­ju­ve­nated and feels very clean. I’m sur­prised all my mas­cara ap­pears to have come off, as I slightly avoided the area so the gel didn’t get in my eyes. A word of warn­ing, though: it smells divine, but if you have sen­si­tive skin, then you will prob­a­bly be bet­ter off choos­ing a more nat­u­ral prod­uct. RE­SULT: Im­pres­sive. When I swish a damp cot­ton wool pad over my face in the morn­ing, there’s only a small smudge of mas­cara left over, as well as a lit­tle bit of grime. 7/10 Clever cre­ation: Alice tries out the re­us­able Face Halo Pic­ture: JOHN LAWRENCE


DHC Deep Cleans­ing Oil (200ml), £24, es­cen­tual.com

WHAT IS IT? A wa­ter- sol­u­ble oil cleanser con­tain­ing rose­mary leaf oil, olive oil and vi­ta­min E, which re­moves make-up with­out mak­ing the skin feel greasy. TEST: I mas­sage this on to my skin with my fin­gers — a lit­tle goes a very long way — then I rinse it off with wa­ter- soaked cot­ton wool. I love this on my dry skin and it takes only a minute. RE­SULT: An im­pres­sively small amount of residue is left — there’s a very slight smudge of foun­da­tion and a hint of mas­cara. 8/10


Lush 7 to 3 Cleans­ing Wipe, one for £2, uk.lush.com

WHAT IS IT? They’re a clever bunch at Lush. They’ve erad­i­cated the need for wipes with these re­us­able, biodegrad­able discs made from ground can­nellini beans and sea­weed ex­tract.

They feel like rub­ber and smell like soap, though they ac­tu­ally con­tain a ylang ylang and dove orchid in­fu­sion. TEST: I splash my face with wa­ter, wet one side of the pad and glide it over my face to ac­ti­vate the light cleans­ing cream. I’m not a fan of putting it on my eye­lids as I wear con­tact lenses and hate the feel of soap near my eyes. I rinse it all off with wa­ter. My face doesn’t feel dry, and I ap­plaud the concept, but I loathe us­ing wa­ter on my skin. RE­SULT: Ex­cel­lent. I may not have en­joyed us­ing it as much as the Char­lotte Til­bury cleanser, but all my eye make-up is gone. 7/10


Sk­inCeu­ti­cals Gen­tle Cleanser (200ml), £31, look­fan­tas­tic.com

WHAT IS IT? I adore Sk­inCeu­ti­cals serums, so I fully ex­pected to fall in love with this prod­uct. It con­tains glyc­erin, al­lan­toin and or­ange oil and is a gen­tle, creamy for­mula for dry and sen­si­tive skin. It’s free from al­co­hol, soap and syn­thetic fra­grance. TEST: As ad­vised, I ap­ply a lit­tle to my wet face and neck in light, cir­cu­lar mo­tions, then rinse thor­oughly. I over­rinse and my skin feels dry, but when I test out the cream again the next day, I use less wa­ter and get a bet­ter re­sult. RE­SULT: Very lit­tle makeup re­mains when en I run the cot­ton n wool around the edge of my jaw. It’s pleas­ant — but it’s not for me. 5/10 0

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