Tough mea­sures

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If WE really want to stamp out knife crime, the pun­ish­ment must fit the crime. It should be a de­ter­rent, not just a slap on the wrist.

To be caught car­ry­ing a knife or a gun should mean an automatic five years in jail with­out pa­role.

To draw a knife or gun with in­tent should re­sult in a 12-year sen­tence. And if you kill some­one, a life sen­tence should mean life be­hind bars.

D. W. G. HANNS, Fare­ham, Hants. IT IS not teach­ers, nurses or po­lice who should be check­ing if chil­dren are in­volved in gangs or car­ry­ing weapons (Mail). Par­ents should know what their off­spring are up to.

When my three chil­dren were teenagers, I al­ways knew who they were with, where they were and what time they were ex­pected home.

They re­spected the house rules and still man­aged to en­joy a happy, out­door life rid­ing horses, play­ing rugby and fish­ing.

M. STAFFORD, Bris­tol.

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