Prankster’s tragic joke

He ac­ci­den­tally hanged him­self as girl­friend said: Stop mess­ing about

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A PRAC­TI­CAL joker who ‘ loved’ wind­ing his girl­friend up ac­ci­den­tally hanged him­self when one of his pranks went wrong.

Danny Munro play­fully tied his track­suit bot­toms around his neck while his girl­friend told him he ‘wasn’t funny’ and to stop mess­ing about, an in­quest heard.

Weeks ear­lier, the 26-year- old had cov­ered him­self in tomato ketchup and stum­bled into the room claim­ing he had been stabbed. On an­other oc­ca­sion, he feigned suf­fer­ing ana­phy­lac­tic shock af­ter eat­ing nuts while driv­ing.

His part­ner Amy Lea­man even warned him about the jokes he played on her and about ‘the lit­tle boy who cried wolf’.

On Au­gust 1 last year, Mr Munro tied his track­suit pants around his neck while she just ‘rolled her eyes’ at an­other one of his jokes, the in­quest heard. But she soon re­alised some­thing was se­ri­ously wrong as he turned blue. She ran into the kitchen to grab some­thing to free him with and called 999 – but Mr Munro died at the Royal Stoke Uni­ver­sity Hos­pi­tal three days later.

Miss Lea­man told the hear­ing they had just got back from shop­ping and had de­cided to have a break from their ‘health kick’ to have hot dogs for din­ner.

She said she be­gan to watch tele­vi­sion when Mr Munro said he was go­ing up­stairs to watch one of his pro­grammes. On his way, he be­gan mess­ing around with the track­suit bot­toms.

Miss Lea­man said: ‘We didn’t have an ar­gu­ment – it was a play­ful thing and he was smil­ing.’ She added: ‘I thought he was jok­ing, that’s how he got at­ten­tion and the laughs. He did it for the shock fac­tor. That’s what he did to make peo­ple laugh.’

She de­scribed how she shouted at him, punch­ing and smack­ing him to try and get a re­sponse.

‘I was scream­ing at him and I said, “It’s not funny now”, then I stood back and his face was blue. I ran into the kitchen and got a saw and ran back in and I cut [the track­suit] two times and then he fell and he gasped then,’ she added. The in­quest heard Mr Munro, of Big­nall end, Stafford­shire, worked at a nearby Mor­risons with Miss Lea­man.

She said: ‘He never talked to me about in­ten­tion­ally hurt­ing him­self, he loved life.’ She stressed that he was ‘es­pe­cially’ happy that day as they were hav­ing a ‘cheat day’ from their di­ets.

A post-mortem ex­am­i­na­tion found the cause of Mr Munro’s death was brain swelling caused by com­pres­sion to the neck.

Speak­ing at the in­quest, his mother Ali­son Rigby de­scribed him as some­one who ‘would light up a room’. She said: ‘Danny was al­ways a joker. He had an amaz­ing sense of hu­mour – he just had that much of a big per­son­al­ity. It wouldn’t make sense for any­body else, but if you know Danny it’s him down to a tee. If there was an op­por­tu­nity to have a gig­gle then he would make you gig­gle.’

She added: ‘ He never com­plained about any­thing, he took things as they came, he wouldn’t sit and worry about stuff.’

North Stafford­shire se­nior coro­ner An­drew Barkley recorded a con­clu­sion of death by mis­ad­ven­ture. Mr Barkley said: ‘He had no sig­nif­i­cant med­i­cal his­tory and no ev­i­dence of de­pres­sion. He has been de­scribed to me as a prac­ti­cal joker who liked to shock.

‘ Noth­ing caused his part­ner cause for con­cern and there was noth­ing un­usual about the way he was be­hav­ing.’ He added: ‘The cir­cum­stances are very un­usual and this ap­pears to be a prank which has gone wrong and led to the death of Mr Munro. I don’t find this is a case of sui­cide.’

‘Amaz­ing sense of hu­mour’

Hav­ing a laugh: Danny Munro with his girl­friend Amy Lea­man Left: Mr Munro, who was known for his prac­ti­cal jokes

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