Snor­ing can re­ally hit a nerve... and not just with your part­ner

Daily Mail - - News - By Vic­to­ria Allen Science Correspond­ent

SNORERS usu­ally worry about dam­ag­ing their re­la­tion­ships – but they might be do­ing more harm to their throat.

A study has found the vi­bra­tions may dam­age vi­tal mus­cles and nerves.

Re­searchers found snorers have more prob­lems swal­low­ing and are at greater risk of sleep ap­noea – a con­di­tion caus­ing the air­way to col­lapse which can wake some­one up to 40 times a night.

The Swedish study dis­cov­ered the mus­cle dam­age in tis­sue sam­ples taken from 22 peo­ple who snored.

The good news for snorers is that there are tech­niques avail­able to strengthen throat mus­cles, and ex­perts are work­ing on treat­ments which may re­v­erse the dam­age done to cells by vi­bra­tions.

Study author Dr Per Stal said: ‘Many peo­ple don’t even re­alise they snore (but) it is im­por­tant to know, as snor­ing can be a sig­nif­i­cant health risk. We hope our re­search will lead to pre­ven­ta­tive ther­a­pies which can im­prove the longterm heal­ing of mus­cle dam­age.’

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