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YOU are on lead against the bidding shown. What would you lead, and why? YOU may know the rules about lead­ing the top of a se­quence, or lead­ing part­ner’s bid suit, in this case di­a­monds. But stop to think.

You need four tricks if you are to de­feat 4 ♠ , and there is not the slight­est chance, on your di­a­mond hold­ing, that your part­ner will be able to win more than one trick in the suit.

On the other hand, you’ve got the trump ace so are bound to win a trick when de­clarer tack­les draw­ing them.

Lead the ♥ 8. It may not win the trick, but when you win with the ♠ A you can lead a di­a­mond in the hope that east will have just one win­ner in the suit, and be able to give you a heart ruff be­fore it is too late. This would give you three tricks any­way, but an­other may de­velop from some­where.

To lead a di­a­mond ini­tially would merely give away a de­fen­sive ‘tempo’.

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