Get tough on knife crime

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Ev­Ery day in the UK, there are an av­er­age 112 knife of­fences (Mail). Killings are at their high­est level for a decade and vi­o­lent crime is up 19 per cent in only a year. So what is our Govern­ment do­ing about it?

One thing is for sure: if it were left to the vot­ers to come up with a so­lu­tion, any­one caught car­ry­ing a blade would re­ceive two years’ de­ten­tion with­out pa­role. No ex­cuses! Any­one com­mit­ting a crime with a blade would re­ceive five years’ min­i­mum de­ten­tion.

Once the first cul­prit was named, shamed and de­tained, knives would van­ish from our streets.

But our politi­cians are blind to the value of a de­ter­rent. NOR­MAN WANSTALL,

Bur­ford, Worcs.

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