Press pause on Brexit

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THE coun­try is faced with a Brexit black hole, with our po­lit­i­cal sys­tem be­ing sucked in in­ex­orably. Other ur­gent po­lit­i­cal is­sues are ig­nored and side-lined, as blink­ered fac­tions jockey for po­si­tion.

The Tory Party, paral­ysed by toxic in­fight­ing, is dis­solv­ing be­fore our eyes as Brexit ex­trem­ists de­camp to even more po­larised par­ties.

Labour is re­duced to a group of spec­ta­tors, un­will­ing or un­able to get in­volved, watch­ing the de­struc­tive Tory civil war from a dis­tance.

The pres­sure of dead­lines is driv­ing all this. Ar­ti­cle 50 was trig­gered pre­ma­turely. Pru­dent, con­sid­ered in­ves­ti­ga­tion, study and plan­ning went out of the win­dow.

There is only one way to bring back the po­lit­i­cal sys­tem to func­tion nor­mally, so that other, ur­gent is­sues, such as knife crime and the NHS, can be ad­dressed: press the re­set but­ton and re­voke Ar­ti­cle 50.

No one on ei­ther side of the Brexit de­bate en­vis­aged this mess. re­vok­ing Ar­ti­cle 50 would be the only way to pull the Tory Party back from the brink, giv­ing time and space for a more con­sid­ered way for­ward.

Oper­at­ing un­der sus­tained, re­lent­less pres­sure is sel­dom pro­duc­tive. AN­DREW MILROY, Trow­bridge, Wilts.

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