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Has he blown £26bn already?


HE has described his spending plans as ‘modest’. But an analysis of Mr Johnson’s pledges made in recent weeks suggests they could far exceed the £26billion so-called wriggle room said to be available in the public finances:

£1.1billion pledge to recruit an extra 20,000 police officers over the next three years.

£4.6billion for schools in a bid to reduce geographic­al inequaliti­es in funding.

New Manchester to Leeds rail line at a cost of up to £10billion.

£3.6billion ‘towns fund’ to help 100 ‘left behind’ communitie­s.

£300million for new ‘growth deals’ in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Vow to end the social care crisis at a cost of up to £5billion a year.

Promise to install super-fast broadband to every home by 2025, which experts say could cost more than £20billion.

Campaign pledge to raise the starting threshold for paying 40p tax from £50,000 to £80,000 at a cost of £9billion a year.

Promise to raise the starting threshold for National Insurance to the same starting point as income tax would cost £11billion a year.

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