Daily Mail

Tear gas fired in Hong Kong riot


RIOT police in Hong Kong opened fire with sustained volleys of tear gas and rubber bullets yesterday during battles with pro-democracy protestors.

The clashes were the second consecutiv­e day of violence. Police stormed into thousands of protesters as they sought to defend China’s main representa­tive office in the city during the eighth successive weekend of demonstrat­ions.

A sea of black-shirted protesters, some with bright yellow helmets and masks but many with just backpacks, streamed out of Chater Garden park after a rally against recent police brutality, despite being warned not to do so.

Chanting ‘Keep up the fight’ in Chinese, a huge crowd were met by riot police who, using loudhailer­s, called for the crowds to end their ‘illegal assembly’. Tear gas and rubber bullets were fired at demonstrat­ors who responded with bricks and stones.

Police made multiple arrests and several protesters were injured.

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