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On hold for an hour in hope of seeing a GP


KELLY Osborne, , says the biggest problem with her GP is getting through on the telephone.

Patients can apparently be put on hold for an hour trying to book an appointmen­t at the Guildhall surgery in Folkestone, Kent. Mrs Osborne, whose daughter Poppy is three, said: ‘What bothers me is the phone booking system and how it affects elderly people. You can be on hold for up to an hour. It’s awful – they need to sort it out.’


Linda Francis, 5 , is used to long waits for appointmen­ts at Swindon Health Centre. ‘It’s normally a month before you see a GP, unless you ring up at 8am and hope and pray they have availabili­ty,’ she said.

‘It took my husband three weeks to get medication for a swollen foot. He was walking around with no shoe on.

‘It’s not their fault, I understand that it’s a nightmare getting prescripti­ons.

‘If the GP provides you the wrong sort of prescripti­on, they can’t get it, so then Linda Francis and Tina Thomsett you have to make another appointmen­t to get the prescripti­on changed to get a new one. It is really busy in there though. It’s mental.’


Tina Thomsett ended up in hospital because she was not seen by a GP.

The 53-year-old developed an abscess on her leg which became infected.

She was unable to book an appointmen­t at Grovehurst Surgery in Sittingbou­rne, Kent, for several days.

It was only when she showed her swollen leg to an ambulance crew attending to her friend that she was taken straight to hospital for an operation.

She said: ‘I couldn’t get an appointmen­t. They were all gone by the time I got through on the phone. You’ve got to wait two to three weeks. Have you got to book a time when you are going to be ill?’

 ??  ?? Long wait: Kelly Osborne with Poppy
Long wait: Kelly Osborne with Poppy
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