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The dog’s dinner tastes fine – we’ve just eaten some

- TV & Radio Reporter By Eleanor Sharples

HAVE you ever wondered what your dog’s dinner tastes like – but lack the stomach to find out?

Well a group of dedicated researcher­s at a pet food manufactur­er have revealed all after tucking in themselves to ensure their products appeal to cats and dogs.

A Channel 4 documentar­y, Britain’s Giant Pet Food Factory, has disclosed how employees at manufactur­er Mars eat the slop-like meals in a quality control exercise that some might consider beyond the call of duty.

Mars employee Joe Leveridge, said: ‘We do a panel every day where we look and smell the products.’ He added: ‘I’m the research and developmen­t consumer quality manager for the site so I do it to show that it’s safe to eat. I don’t enjoy eating it, it’s designed to be palatable for cats and dogs. People have a perception about pet food that it’s dirty.’

Mr Leveridge, who has worked for Mars for 20 years, said the food ‘tastes like offal’. He added: ‘For my palate it tastes like liver or kidney and I’m not a big fan of that as a food. It’s quite rich and nutritious so it’s got all the goodness in it... We design it to make sure it doesn’t cause any harm to people and the taste test is making sure people realise that. If we do get a smell that we’re not sure of we will block the product and then do an investigat­ion.’

The documentar­y, to be shown on Thursday, is the first time cameras have been inside the Leicesters­hire factory, which makes a million pet food pouches a day.

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