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Nasty tweets that shame PM’s backyard rival

- Andrew Pierce

Despite Boris Johnson having the smallest constituen­cy majority of any prime minister since Ramsay MacDonald in 1924, his Labour rival in his West London seat is struggling to make a mark.

Over the weekend, Ali Milani, a former vice president of the National Union of students who is Labour’s parliament­ary candidate for Uxbridge and south Ruislip, was doing his best to persuade locals to kick out Johnson.

‘if we are able to defeat Johnson, the impact on British politics will hopefully be a shift towards a more representa­tive, diverse and unifying message,’ he said.

Noble words from Milani, who’s trying to overturn Johnson’s 5,034 majority. But what exactly does he mean by ‘unifying? Was it ‘unifying’ when Milani once suggested that ‘israel has no right to exist’ and promoted the distastefu­l stereotype that Jews are parsimonio­us, tweeting to a friend that ‘it’ll cost you a pound #jew’?

And was it ‘unifying’ when Milani boasted about working with Leicester-based pressure group Friends of Al Aqsa, which openly supports Hamas, whose covenant includes the eliminatio­n of israel?

it’s certainly a ‘diverse’ message. ‘Unifying’? Not so much.

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