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Victim of sexist union bullies could get £1million

- By Vanessa Allen

A TRADE union official driven out of her job by sexist bullying could be awarded up to £1million in compensati­on.

Sally Nailard, 54, quit her £47,000-a-year role with Unite after two shop stewards humiliated her with sexist, lewd and aggressive comments.

She won an employment tribunal in 2015 and is finally expected to get a payout after Unite lost a series of appeals.

The tribunal heard Miss Nailard was the victim of a ‘sickening and orchestrat­ed campaign of harassment’ by the two reps at Heathrow.

She told how one of the men, Richard Coxhill, commented on her thick tights during a work meeting, calling them ‘1,000denier passion killers’. Another time he said of her: ‘It must be the time of the month.’

A second, Maninder Saini, was rude and aggressive, referring to her as ‘that woman’.

When she asked the union for help, she was told she would have to move to another airport while the men could remain.

Miss Nailard, from Fleet, Hampshire, resigned but successful­ly sued the union for unfair dismissal and sexual harassment.

Unite claimed it was not liable as the men were elected representa­tives, not employees, but High Court judges disagreed.

A compensati­on hearing is expected later this year. Speaking outside court, Miss Nailard’s lawyers said her claim was worth up to £1million.

‘Campaign of harassment’

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