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1 The final of the reality show is on ITV2 tonight. Which of these has the series NOT been accused of promoting? A. Drug use B. Smoking C. Stereotype­s D. Plastic surgery 2 match the following Love Island lingo to the correct definition: 1. Melt 2. Bev 3. Factor 50 4. Salty A. An attractive man B. Laying on the charm C. Being bitter or argumentat­ive D. Someone being soppy about their crush 3 true OR false: The toilet is the only place without cameras. 4 what is NOT banned in the villa? Couple: Tommy and Molly-Mae. Far left, host Caroline Flack A. Books B. Nudity C. Alcohol D. Correctly set clocks 5 love Island was which TWO of these last year: A. Most-watched show B. Most complained-about show C. Most-watched show for 16-34-year-olds D. Most tweeted-about show 6 true OR false: contestant­s are told to talk as little as possible during meal times.

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