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I’M verY conscious that I’ve spent my whole adult life in the public eye. The day I signed up to Made In Chelsea at 19, I gave my life over. I think about that often. I was on the show for about four years.

When I entered the jungle for I’m A Celebrity, my confidence was so low. I’d just gone through a break-up. My skin was at its worst, and I was being trolled online for it. The night before, I nearly pulled out because they said I couldn’t take any foundation in. It was that bad.

But the experience was life-changing. You have no phone, not much human contact and a lot of time to think. I thought I would miss my bed most, but it was my family and a few close friends. That puts things into perspectiv­e. It was here I met Stan [Stanley Johnson]. We clicked from the get-go — despite an age gap of more than 50 years. We have so much in common. The best thing about him is he is bloody fun. He makes me laugh. It’s quite special that, more than a year and a half later, I see him so often. He travels a lot, so we use WhatsApp and FaceTime. We go out for lunch or he comes round for a cup of tea. We’ve been to the races a couple of times, too. I have this thirst for knowledge that I can’t ever satisfy. With him, it’s like having a walking encyclopae­dia. I can ask him random questions, and he says: ‘I know about that, I was there!’ I’m like: ‘right, Ok darling.’ It’s funny, because we have this little partnershi­p. I can go to him with any problem, and as he has such rich life experience — at nearly 80, he lets no opportunit­y pass him by — he looks at things from an angle friends my own age wouldn’t. He’ll say, ‘I’ve been here before; this is how I dealt with it.’ Intergener­ational friendship is a gift. He brings me so much joy. I hope I can carry that through my life.

GeorGia is an ambassador for Great British racing, and will be at Ladies’ Day at the Qatar Goodwood Festival on august 1 (gbraci.ng/toff)

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