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Rachel Elnaugh, 54

Dragon from: 2005 (the show’s first female investor) WORTH: £25 million from gift business Red Letter Days — until it went into administra­tion in 2005 and was sold to Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis.

MOTTO: ‘You’ve really got to love what you are doing with all your heart.’

Deborah Meaden, 60

Dragon from: 2006-2019

WORTH: £40 million — from Weststar Holidays, a chain of holiday parks she sold, plus investment­s she’s made from her time on Dragons’ Den.

MOTTO: ‘Don’t expect anything from anybody. Work hard, be good at what you do and good stuff will happen.’

Hilary Devey, 62

Dragon from: 2011-2012

WORTH: £100 million, from the freight distributi­on company Pall-Ex she founded in 1996. Three times divorced with one son, she made her first million at 40.

MOTTO: ‘A manicured fist can smash any glass ceiling, just as well as a hairy one.’

Kelly Hoppen, 60 Dragon from: 2013-2015

WORTH: An estimated £50 million from her interiors company Kelly Hoppen Interiors. She was awarded an MBE in 2009.

MOTTO: ‘Believe in yourself. How can you expect anyone to believe in you and your ideas if you don’t believe in them yourself?’

Sarah Willingham, 45 Dragon from: 2015-2017

WORTH: £12 million, after turning loss-making The Bombay Bicycle Club into the largest and most successful Indian restaurant chain in the UK.

MOTTO: ‘To say no to things that were taking up my time — that was a real tipping point for me in terms of getting a balance.’

Jenny Campbell, 57 Dragon from: 2017-2018

WORTH: The mother of two sold her ATM business YourCash — which she bought from her previous employer Royal Bank of Scotland in 2010 — for £50 million in 2016.

MOTTO: ‘ There is no such thing as glass ceilings, only sticky floors.’

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