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Carol rimmer lives in Preston. She has two children, anthony, 44, and Courtney, 36. She worked in local government.


MY MUM and gran brought me up to moisturise religiousl­y. I love Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula (£2.65,

superdrug.com), it’s great for dry skin and I use it all over — I don’t think you need different types for your face and body. The texture is thick, but it absorbs into my skin quickly. I even put it on my hair overnight as a deep conditioni­ng treatment.


EVERY night, I sleep on a silk pillowcase (£45, johnlewis.com). I’ve been using it for ten years and even take it on holiday. It’s so good for your hair and skin, as you don’t wake up with as many creases. It must be working as people always comment on how few wrinkles I have. Even bus drivers don’t believe that I’m over 60!


I LOVE to exercise and used to go to the gym three times a week. However, after a recent injury I have had to stick to yoga. I do a lot of gardening, which is very physical — there is a lot of bending and lifting — but I can go at my own pace, so it is less challengin­g than weight training. I use this time to practise mindfulnes­s, too.


I HAVE Afro hair, which gets very dry, so I wash it only once a week. To refresh it, I spritz with Africa’s Best Organics Olive Oil Extra Virgin Hair Polish (£5.71, amazon.co.uk). My hairdresse­r recommende­d it: the consistenc­y is light, so it hydrates your hair without making it look greasy.


IT’S important to treat yourself — and my weakness is designer shoes. I have five pairs of Christian Louboutin heels, plus a couple by Vivienne Westwood, but my favourites are Dior crocodile print pumps with big bows. They were expensive, but I’ve had them for more than a decade. I think it’s worth spending more on investment pieces like this. Plus I can pair them with much cheaper clothes and it makes the whole outfit look more expensive.

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