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ANIMATED ADVENTURE Smallfoot, 4.35pm,p Skyy Premiere

WITH a bigbi voicei castt — including i l di James Corden, Channing Tatum and Danny DeVito — this musical animation follows the adventures of a tribe of lovable yetis who discover that humans do exist.

FREEVIEW MOVIE Godzilla, 6.35pm, ITV2

THE Japanese monster movies are reimagined in CGI style by British director Gareth Edwards, who won much acclaim for his no-budget 2010 horror Monsters. Aaron Taylor-Johnson tops the human cast as the soldier standing in the path of a nuclear-powered predator.

FILM ROMANCE Before We Go, 7.10pm, Film4

THE directoria­l debut of Chris Evans (Captain America, not the British DJ), this romantic drama co-stars Alice Eve. After a dramatic encounter at New York’s Grand Central station, busker Nick (Evans) and stranded Brooke (Eve) travel the city together as he tries to help her to get home.

SPEEDWAY British Final, 7.30pm, BT Sport 1

ROBERT LAMBERT, from the King’s Lynn Stars is the defending champion at Manchester’s National Speedway Stadium, having claimed his first senior title last year, overcoming challenges from 2017 winner Craig Cook and threetimes champion Chris Harris.

REVEALING HISTORY America’s Hidden Stories: Mystery At Jamestown, 8pm, Smithsonia­n

THE site of the first permanent English colony in America, Jamestown is a treasure-trove of secrets for the archaeolog­ists — especially when they uncover a mysterious skeleton . . . (Freeview 99, Freesat 175, Sky 195, Virgin 295)

DEVIL IN L.A. Lucifer, 9pm, Fox

THE piano-playing Lord of Hell (Tom Ellis, pictured)) gets to give full vent to his musical skills tonight when he and Chloe are called in to investigat­e the death of a famous singer’s backing dancer. Realising it might have been a case of mistaken identity, Lucifer channels his inner Bodyguard as he tries to keep the pop star safe.

TEXAS SIEGE Waco, 9pm, Alibi

THE end is nigh for the siege at Waco as this tense retelling of the 51-day 1993 stand-off reaches its penultimat­e episode. Desperate to end the stalemate, the FBI begins using psychologi­cal tactics to undermine David Koresh (Taylor Kitsch) and the members of his Branch Davidian cult. Will it work?

NEW YORK COPS Blue Bloods, 9pm, Sky Witness

DANNY TREJO adds yet another lowlife to his CV as he plays killer Jose Rojas in tonight’s episode of the cop show. Suspecting Rojas of killing his wife, Luis Delgado (Lou Diamond Phillips) teams up with Danny Regan to hunt him down. Cue gun battles, revelation­s and a tough choice for poor Regan.

FREE SPEECH? The Nazi Pug: Joke Or Hate?, BBC3 (via iPlayer)

IS IT offensive to post a video of your dog doing a Nazi salute, as YouTube film-maker Markus Meechan did? That’s the starting point for a programme that explores what’s OK to joke about.

COMEDY DRAMA Divorce, 10.30pm, Sky Atlantic

THE world’s most awkward dinner is the centrepiec­e of this new episode as Frances (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Henry share a meal with Robert and Jackie. Things go from bad to worse as the night progresses, and it’s all jaw-droppingly entertaini­ng to watch.

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