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Boris: it’s time to thump a few tables in the EU


I WoULD like to offer my congratula­tions to our new Prime minister and hope he delivers ‘ Brexit’ swiftly to get our great nation back to being a ‘self-governing’ country and not under the control of unelected Brussels bureaucrat­s.

The first thing Boris Johnson needs to impress on the Brussels hierarchy is that we do not have to do a deal with them and that they need us much more than we need them, so they would be wise not to be so intransige­nt.

The once all-powerful German economy is now in a mess — for example, Deutsche Bank is cutting back on staff worldwide — as are many of the other EU’s member states’ economies.

So come on mr Johnson, go to Brussels and do a bit of tablethump­ing, not pleading. It is the EU’s ever-increasing dictatoria­l attitude that we are sick of.

If I appear to be less than diplomatic and a bit ‘straight John Bull’, that is deliberate. I am a Yorkshirem­an by birth and we are known to be direct, but at least people know where they stand with us. a little more directness in politics could do a lot of good. TonY clAYTon,

Worksop, notts.

Ahead of the curve

To SomE, our new Prime minister is a buffoon. But clearly he has a brain, as he has outflanked the liberal-Left metropolit­an elite in appointing the first British asian Chancellor and first British asian female Home Secretary.

The oxymoron Party (aka the Liberal Democrats) and the Labour Party (replete with its right- on but anti- Semitic members) have been left standing with their feet of clay.

How the BBC was wrong to predict a Cabinet of white former public school boys. Perhaps it should stick to the facts and not broadcast warped conjecture.

mr Johnson is ahead of the curve in figuring out that the Right-Left paradigm is dead. He has marked his domain and picked his clan. You are either with or agin him.

Those guilty of obfuscatio­n and/ or obscuranti­sm in the Brexit process have been dealt with. nicK ATKinS, Swindon, Wilts.

Just in the nick of time

WHaT a pity the Tories took more than three wasted years to decide that they needed a new leader.

In all that time, the majority of the Brexit nation was screaming for a fervent Brexiteer to replace Remainer-at-heart Theresa may, who pandered to mPs (like the duplicitou­s Lib Dems) who deep down don’t believe in democracy.

But Boris Johnson has come to Britain’s rescue with a pathetic working majority in Parliament. It was sliced wafer- thin by the shenanigan­s of his predecesso­r.

So now is the time to talk to the Brexit Party. The millions who backed Nigel Farage in the EU elections will be voting for him again at the next election. It’s a win-win situation to keep out Labour and kill the Lib Dems.

and why should mr Johnson not hang on tight to the mind-boggling £39 billion mrs may earmarked for the EU? He should use it to oil the wheels of progress in getting Britain back as a tiger on the world trading stage instead of being a milking cow used for the benefit of the EU. Good luck, Pm — you’re going to need it.

MAuRice BligH, Sittingbou­rne, Kent.

Biased reporting

WHILE watching Theresa may arriving at Buckingham Palace to tend her resignatio­n to the Queen, the overhead camera in a helicopter zoomed in on a placard held aloft by the People’s Vote campaign.

This was not just a fleeting glimpse of the placard, but a prolonged close up of how to register to join the campaign. I have never seen such a blatant example of biased reporting. MicHAel HARRiS, Bletchingl­ey, Surrey.

What would Mrs T say?

LIkE all tub-thumping Leavers, Boris Johnson ignores the deep contradict­ion at the heart of the economic case to quit the EU.

This is that Brexiteers are desperate for Britain to trade with the rest of the world, but equally desperate not to trade with the world’s biggest trading bloc — the European single market.

as she was one of the single market’s key architects, wouldn’t mrs Thatcher be aghast? DAviD ATKinSon,

chorley, lancs.

Listen to the people

WHEN, oh, when is the Government going to listen to the voice of the public on the death penalty? and before the holier-than-thou start screaming about mistakes made in the past, we now have techniques such as DNa evidence to avoid miscarriag­es of justice.

as for the alternativ­e, a life sentence is a joke. If a life sentence was the same as in the U.S., where you come out of prison feet first, I am all for that. How many murderers have killed again? geoRge MuRRAY WillenHAll,

West Mids.

Wrong priorities

aS THE Premier League Champions, manchester City, prepare for the new season, it is fairly certain that their wage bill will exceed the £260 million of last year.

at the same time, a children’s hospice in nearby Bury is closing because it cannot raise the £1.2 million a year it needs to operate. In our modern society, have we lost sight of genuine values and what is really important ?

T. loWe, Stockport, cheshire.

Climate protest

NoBoDY wants climate change and I think the majority of us think about ways we can address the problem.

But like all demonstrat­ors, climate protesters disregard the feelings of others, believing only they are in the right. I believe there should be a qualificat­ion to demonstrat­e on this issue, so your protest is not valid if in the past five years you have done any of the following: flown on an aeroplane; had a meal delivered; shopped online necessitat­ing a van delivery; or had more than two children.

The results would be interestin­g, I think! Ann MilleR, Saffron Walden, essex.

Cupboard secrets

I WaS amused by Tony Levy’s ‘Triffids in the cupboard’ letter, but I don’t know of any of my friends who don’t have a cupboard containing out- of- date dry food items. How about the freezer?

my husband continuall­y informs me everything in there must have turned to coal. His favourite comment is: ‘I’m just going into the freezer, I may be some time.’

cYnTHiA KnigHT, Heald green, gtr. Manchester.

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