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Straight to the POINT

- JoHn HAncox, coventry, West Mids.

ON THE TV news, a police officer spoke to the camera wearing his baseball cap back to front. No, no, no! What is the Met thinking? Mrs J. cRiTcHleY (widow of a police officer) london, Se22.

THERE is only one first lady in this country and she has never lived in Downing Street (Mail). BeRYl WilliAMS, Stafford. HOW come the Labour Party

thinks 16 and 17-year-olds are too young to gamble but are mature enough to vote?

luciA DolAn, Brixham, Devon.

ONE of the joys of our country taking back control will be silencing the twerps who shout, bawl and wave the European flag outside Parliament. I can’t wait.

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