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Feeling achy and worn out?

Users say top turmeric supplement helps them stay active


ALEADING health supplement company has announced it is giving away limited packs of its flagship turmeric product to new customers.

The Cambridge- based company is so confident people will notice the difference between its supplement and others, that it is offering customers their first months’ supply for free.

CEO Adam Cleevely explains the offer: ‘We’re very happy to give people their first pack for free. It sounds bonkers but it really isn’t.

‘We know that many people will have already tried various supplement­s with no success and they will be reticent to give another one a try. I can’t think of a single better way to convince people than by allowing them to try ours for free. If people like it, they will stick with it.’

This was certainly the case for Roz Palmer (above). She had always liked visiting the gym and taking long walks, including walking holidays with her sons. But when Roz started to feel achy and too worn out to do the things she enjoyed, she took action.

‘My mum had heard about the turmeric supplement.

‘I thought the chances of it being this good were low, so I’ve been terribly impressed,’ says Roz. ‘Keeping active is key and it helps me do that.’

Ex-naval serviceman David Mullins was similarly sceptical. At a party he happened to mention his concerns to his friend Colin, who suggested the supplement.

‘The only reason I started was because my wife said I should, since my friend Colin had gone to all the trouble of bringing them round for me.’

After two weeks of taking the turmeric tablets daily, David started taking longer walks. Ever sceptical, David attributed the change to his body’s natural ability to repair itself. After his monthly supply ran out he decided not to order more.

‘A couple of weeks later my walking range became less, and I thought, “I wonder if it was those tablets.” I ordered a further supply and the rest is history. I feel I’ve really got something here that’s helping me,’ says David. ‘It’s great.’

Dressage enthusiast Lady Anne Evans agrees. ‘It was the research at the Olympic Research Centre in Barcelona that really caught my eye. Knowing it was used by internatio­nal footballer­s and elite athletes made me think it must be able to do something for me.’

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