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Pillow that supports the neck and head


A NEAR tragedy has led to an amazing new developmen­t in sleep technology. When Georgia Miles was recovering from a serious accident, her father Alexander looked around everywhere for a pillow that would keep her comfortabl­e throughout the night. After examining countless types, Alex, a furniture and domestic product designer, decided to engineer his own. He made a breakthrou­gh when he realised that all pillows spread out and flatten down as the weight of the head rests on them. This flattening progresses through the night, leaving the head and neck poorly supported — and sleep frequently interrupte­d. This is why many people find themselves half-awake and ‘pillow-punching’ in the middle of the night, trying to get comfortabl­e. The innovative model that Alex designed has internal ties that hold the filling in place, and pull the pillow in and up to cradle the head and neck. This provides extra comfort and support that lasts through the night and ensures that you get the most benefit from an undisturbe­d sleep. The pillow has already transforme­d the lives of thousands of people. So if you have spent a lifetime looking for the perfect pillow, your search may well be over. Orthopaedi­c consultant Dr Deane Halfpenny says: ‘From the first night I tried it, there was less pain at night and less stiffness in the morning. ‘I fully endorse this pillow as it’s quite unique in its ability to maintain support throughout the night.’ And Ann Morris, a customer, says: ‘I’ve had pain-racked nights for years, but with this unbelievab­ly effective pillow I can at last sleep through.’

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