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Two in three firms ‘can’t hire staff’


ALMOST two-thirds of firms are struggling to recruit employees.

The percentage reporting difficulti­es between April and June was 64pc, according to the latest data from the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC).

Although this is an improvemen­t on the figure of 73pc between January and March, the BCC warned this was still high by historic standards.

Some businesses are affected more than others, with firms in the constructi­on and hospitalit­y sectors at a ‘critical’ level, reflecting the fact that these industries often employ a higher proportion of immigrant workers than other sectors.

Many were trying to recruit staff for seasonal jobs in holiday areas.

Difficulti­es in hiring suitable employees could stoke fears that uncertaint­y over Brexit has even put Europeans off applying for temporary roles in Britain as the October 31 cutoff for the UK to leave the European Union looms.

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