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MICHELLE, 48, and Leigh Speight, 43, from Wake­field in York­shire, have used their lock­down sav­ings to cut their mort­gage.

The cou­ple (pic­tured) have a £135,000 mort­gage on a four-bed­room house bought ten years ago.

Re­flect­ing on lock­down, Michelle, who works as a branch man­ager for York­shire Build­ing So­ci­ety, says: ‘We have learned to en­joy do­ing dif­fer­ent things and put much more money aside for our fu­ture.’

The cou­ple have been able to boost their sav­ings by £10,000.

With a mort­gage rate at a fixed 3.19 pc, they have now tied the £10,000 sum to their mort­gage ac­count and re­duced their loan by the same amount. They are now sav­ing £319 in in­ter­est a year.

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