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1 Which of the Gospels in the New Testament records Je­sus’s metaphor con­cern­ing a wolf in sheep’s cloth­ing?

2 In palaeoan­thro­pol­ogy, what does the H stand for in the ini­tial­ism EEMH?

3 French street gangs of the early Nineties were known by a name de­rived from which tribe of Na­tive Amer­i­cans?

4 In which 2020 U.S. film does Seth Ro­gen play the roles of Her­schel and Ben Green­baum?

5 Who was com­man­der of the Amer­i­can Ex­pe­di­tionary Forces on the West­ern Front in World War I?

6 In Mein­dert Hobbema’s fa­mous paint­ing, where pre­cisely is The Av­enue that shows the per­spec­tive of a re­ced­ing row of trees along a coun­try lane?

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