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I can’t pop home to get my card!

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DOG GROOMER Deb­o­rah Farr, 48, is usu­ally paid in cash, so rarely uses her card. But when she took daugh­ter Izzy, 20, for lunch at Côte in Reigate, Sur­rey, they were told it was ‘strictly no cash, card only’.

But the pair only found out they could not pay with coins and notes when they spot­ted a small note on the dessert menu.

The mother-of-two had not brought a card with her and hoped a waiter would as­sure her she could still pay without one.

In­stead, two em­ploy­ees in­sisted that she couldn’t, ask­ing if she lived lo­cally, as though she might be able to run home and get it. But Deb­o­rah was a 30-minute drive away from her home in Brasted, Kent.

Even­tu­ally, the restau­rant man­ager re­lented and al­lowed her to pay with cash — but said she wouldn’t be able to give her any change. She then had to count out the ex­act notes and coins for the bill, which was about £45.

Deb­o­rah (pic­tured right), who lives with her hus­band Richard, 56, a tree of­fi­cer, says: ‘It wasn’t a very re­lax­ing end to our nice meal.

‘Out of prin­ci­ple, I feel I should be able to choose how I pay for some­thing.’

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