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News flash: Jan’s BBC is in de­cline

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WHEN Jan Leem­ing was a news­reader in the 1980s, she thought the BBC was the best broad­caster in the world. But her views have rightly changed (Mail). Un­for­tu­nately, the brand has lost its shine and she bravely puts her fin­ger on what has gone wrong. It’s ob­vi­ous that she feels real sad­ness for the BBC’s de­cline. It has be­come com­pla­cent, ar­ro­gant and con­de­scend­ing, with the news given a Left-lean­ing bias. It’s time to axe the TV li­cence and leave the BBC to fund it­self through sub­scrip­tion or advertisin­g. If enough peo­ple buy its of­fer­ings, it will sur­vive.

JERRY SCOTT, Mid­dlewich, Cheshire. I AGREE with ev­ery­thing Jan Leem­ing says about the BBC, es­pe­cially as re­gards to the po­lit­i­cal bias of the news. TV news is noth­ing like it was in the past. Rarely do we get world news and in­stead there is far too much sport and celebrity cov­er­age.

M. HUNNISETT, Uck­field, E. Sus­sex. FOR­MER news­reader Jan Leem­ing’s scathing in­dict­ment of the BBC will have struck a chord with mil­lions who are dis­gusted at its de­scent into po­lit­i­cal cor­rect­ness and an­tiBri­tish medi­ocrity.

GE­ORGE SKELLY, Wallasey, Wir­ral. JAN LEEM­ING says she will not be re­new­ing her TV li­cence, but why is this news if, as she says, she hardly watches ter­res­trial TV? She says she is not in­ter­ested in re­al­ity pro­grammes, yet she was a con­tes­tant in 2006 on I’m A Celebrity . . . Get Me Out Of Here! and has ap­peared on Celebrity First Dates and The Real Marigold Ho­tel and its spin-offs. She worked at the BBC, so must have re­alised that the TV li­cence paid her salary. Does she re­sent the cur­rent crop of news­read­ers who have celebrity sta­tus and salaries to match? I am happy to pay the TV li­cence fee and ob­ject to it be­ing used as a wel­fare ben­e­fit.

J. SCOTT, Bur­ton-on-Trent, Staffs. JAN LEEM­ING is spot on when she says the BBC spends its in­come on the wrong things: mak­ing stars of over­paid news­read­ers and not pro­vid­ing qual­ity pro­grammes.

A. CHRISTY, Wrex­ham, Cl­wyd.

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Critic: Ex-news­reader Jan Leem­ing
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