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Does the Na­tional Lot­tery give enough to char­ity?

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THE con­tract to run the Na­tional Lot­tery is up for re­newal (Mail). May I sug­gest the NHS put in a bid. It would give its un­der-worked man­agers some­thing to do and the prof­its would be put to good use.

DAVID FULLBROOK, Gilling­ham, Kent. WHAT is the point of a Na­tional Lot­tery when only 25 per cent of the an­nual sales goes to good causes. Let’s hope who­ever is awarded the next con­tract is more char­i­ta­ble, pock­ets less them­selves and is a Bri­tish com­pany.

ALAN WARD, Sleaford, Lincs. I HAVE no prob­lem with com­pa­nies mak­ing a profit, but Lot­tery com­pany Camelot’s own­ers mak­ing £80 mil­lion a year is ex­ces­sive.

C. B. COULL, Pre­ston, Lancs. I HAVE never un­der­stood why the Government does not take over the Lot­tery to fund the NHS, rather than waste the mil­lions it raises on silly causes.

S. ATKINS, Light­wa­ter, Sur­rey. OH, TO be a re­tired teacher in Canada! Camelot was ac­quired by the On­tario Teach­ers’ Pen­sion Plan in 2010, pro­vid­ing a fantastic pen­sion pot cour­tesy of the Bri­tish pub­lic tak­ing part in the Na­tional Lot­tery. Char­ity should be­gin at home and it’s high time we got our act to­gether to make sure it does.

WENDY WISE, Lin­coln. IF THE Na­tional Lot­tery can gen­er­ate such large prof­its, why isn’t it be­ing run by the Government, with the prof­its go­ing to the Ex­che­quer? PETER BENNISON, Whit­ley Bay, Tyne & Wear.

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