Daily Mail

Boldly into Brexit


THE Government should keep its elec­tion prom­ises to get Brexit done by De­cem­ber 31 and take back con­trol of our laws and fish­ing rights.

As it ap­pears the EU will not agree to our con­di­tions, we should pre­pare for no deal.

All government re­sources not needed for Covid should be re­called to get to work on our exit plans.

To all who say Europe has been our great­est ally, I would say they have ripped us off for decades, given us the runaround for the past four years and still want to con­trol our trade laws and fish­ing wa­ters.

Come on, Bri­tain, let us get out of the EU with a roar. This is Boris John­son’s ul­ti­mate lead­er­ship mo­ment. JOHN FIN­LAY, May­field, E. Sus­sex. FRANCE calls Boris ‘in­tran­si­gent and un­re­al­is­tic’. The pot is calling the ket­tle black. J. WALM­S­LEY, Bury, Gtr Manch­ester.

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