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Humans ‘triggered 96% of extinction­s’


HUMANS are to blame for 96 per cent of all mammal extinction­s over the past 126,000 years, a study has found.

Scientists also concluded that by the end of this century, a further 558 mammal species could be gone for ever.

Other experts believe major climatic changes associated with Ice Age cycles were the driving force behind most prehistori­c extinction­s. But study co-author Daniele Silvestro, of Gothenburg University in Sweden, said: ‘We find essentiall­y no evidence for climate-driven extinction­s during the past 126,000 years.

‘Instead, we found that human impact explains 96 per cent of all mammal extinction­s during that time.’

The study, published in the journal Science Advances, added that humancause­d climate change and other human-related threats posed a large risk for many species.

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