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Can a massage mattress cure cold feet?


GETTING freezing feet in bed is one of the worst things about winter.

But scientists have found a mattress that can keep them warm by massaging them – and increasing blood flow – while you sleep.

The electric Vestim mattress, developed by Squirrel Medical, inflates and deflates air pockets through the night, applying and relieving pressure. It was tried out on ten people in a scientific study led by Plymouth

Marjon University. The volunteers, aged 26 to 78, saw an average temperatur­e increase of 3.5C (38F) in their big toe after eight weeks.

Blood flow more than tripled and results suggest it also helped protect blood vessels. Experts suggest that people with type 2 diabetes could benefit from the mattress – as it reduces their risk of ulcers. The Vestim starts at £2,500, but a cheaper version will be available next summer.

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