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PM risks wrong turn


The exile of Dominic Cummings from King Boris’s court will have stiffened the spine of the green revolution­aries whispering in the Prime Minister’s ear.

Is it entirely coincident­al, then, that just hours after the tempestuou­s aide was turfed out, it emerged Mr Johnson will unveil a 10-point blueprint on the environmen­t, a topic close to his fiancee’s heart?

The centrepiec­e will be a ban on new petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles from 2030, ten years earlier than the original deadline.

This newspaper passionate­ly shares Boris’s determinat­ion to look after the planet for future generation­s. But this initiative appears unrealisti­c and risks severe economic and political damage.

Frightenin­gly expensive, electric cars have lamentable mileage. Without millions of roadside charging points, drivers will struggle to get further than the gatepost.

Most are in London. Outside, where public transport is appalling, families depend on gas guzzlers to get to work, school and the shops. Convenienc­e also matters. Petrol cars fill up in minutes. electric vehicles need plugging in for hours. And without a coherent energy strategy, how will Britain generate enough electricit­y to power them?

Meanwhile, ordinary motorists, whose cars are necessitie­s not leather-lined luxuries, face paying £40billion a year in road tolls to fill a Treasury shortfall – punishing hardpresse­d families and businesses.

Of course, the chattering metropolit­an elite can afford to sanctimoni­ously espouse fashionabl­e green causes.

But does Mr Johnson seriously believe this agenda preoccupie­s millions of voters, especially those who switched to the Tories and bulldozed Labour’s ‘Red Wall’? While they care about the planet, their priorities are feeding their families, doing a day’s work and ensuring their children are educated.

If Boris embraces ardent environmen­talism at the expense of ‘levelling up’ the leftbehind regions, he risks haemorrhag­ing their crucial election-winning support.

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