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Prince PhiliP flies off this morning on his 36,000-mile solo tour of india, the Far east and the Pacific islands.

The Queen does not expect to see him for at least three months. Yesterday she broke her Sandringha­m holiday to be in london to see him off.

her Majesty hosted a pleasant teatime party at Buckingham Palace. The ten-year-old Prince of Wales — sent back to cheam School last night — and Princess Anne, eight, said goodbye to their father. Princess Margaret, 28, was there too.

As the Prince’s comet 4 climbs for the first leg to Delhi today, luncheon will be served on board. The Duke will feast on steak and mushrooms, with Brussels sprouts and chips — a traditiona­l english foil before long months of spiced dishes of the east.

The Prince is believed to be carrying an invitation from the Queen to 74-year- old Dr rajendra Prasad, President of india, to pay a state visit to england this year.

After a whirl of engagement­s in india, Prince Philip will join the royal Yacht Britannia at rangoon. Then it’s on to Singapore, Sarawak, north Borneo, hong Kong, the Solomon islands, the Gilbert and ellice islands, and christmas island.

Tuesday, January 20, 1959

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