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Injury lawyer in drunken crash


A PERSONAL injury lawyer has been banned from the roads after she smashed up her Porsche 4x4 following a wine-fuelled meal at her law practice.

Natasha Banjo, 40, right, was found to be over the bloodalcoh­ol limit after she overshot a junction in her £30,000 3-litre Cayenne and ploughed through a front garden wall on November 4 last year.

Her defence lawyer Simon Morton said she had been working all day and that a colleague had brought food and wine to the Goldman Knightley offices in Bolton. ‘Her intention was that she would work through the night,’ he said, but then decided to drive home. She crashed at 12.50am. She has since resigned from the firm. Banjo admitted drink-driving at Bolton magistrate­s’ court. She was disqualifi­ed from the roads for 12 months and fined £800 with £180 in costs.

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