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Buy ketchup and tea in refillable packaging at Tesco

- By Sean Poulter Consumer Affairs Editor

CUSTOMERS will be able to buy products ranging from laundry detergent to ketchup in reusable packaging.

Tesco has signed a deal with brands including Tetley, Persil, Heinz, Coca-Cola and BrewDog to sell items in refillable containers that consumers can return for them to be reused.

The initiative is similar to bottle deposit schemes and the items are cleaned and refilled before going back on the shelves. Shoppers pay a 20p deposit on the purchase, which is repaid when the container is returned to the store.

Tesco will include 88 products as part of a trial in ten stores, including 35 ownbrand essentials such as pasta, rice and oil. They will be sold in glass jars and screw-top metal canisters, which can easily be reused. The scheme is run in partnershi­p with the company Loop and is for those trying to tackle plastic waste.

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