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What a Priti dreadful cop out


SOME of you wondered why I didn’t join in the pile-on against Dick of Dock Green having her contract renewed for another two years.

Frankly, my views on the subject are well known and the Mail’s Stephen Wright, Paul Gambaccini, Lady Brittan et al had covered the waterfront brilliantl­y.

What’s astonishin­g is that Priti Flamingo caved in after concluding there wasn’t a single credible candidate to take over at Scotland Yard.

not one? Anywhere? Out of 150,000 police officers in Britain? What an admission. This is where donkey’s years of brainwashi­ng by the Guardianis­ta freemasonr­y Common Purpose — compulsory for all senior police chiefs — has landed us.

The only consolatio­n of reappointi­ng Dick is that it appears to have scuppered the ambitions of neil Basu, new best friend of George Floyd, who seems to think the fastest growing terrorist threat is not militant Islam but ‘Right-wing’ extremism.

Mind how you go.

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