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Elvis, the drug hound dog


ELVIS the labrador’s role tackling county lines drug gangs helped him win the Rising Star award.

As well as detecting drugs and the weapons gang members often carry, the City of London Police dog, pictured, also has to protect the large banks and businesses in the Square Mile.

His handler, PC Colin Nash, who has worked with the two-year-old since March last year, said: ‘In the City, people come in carrying drugs, so a lot of our work involves working at train stations and searching vehicles. ‘Elvis has a phenomenal nose. He has around an 85-90 per cent success rate of finding something when he indicates. He’s one of the best.’ PC Nash, 54, added: ‘Once he indicated and we searched a man and found 42 wraps of cocaine in his underpants. ‘Another time he led us to an older gentleman and we found half a kilo of cannabis in his bike panniers.’

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