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Benefit cut? Work more, says minister


THE Work and Pensions Secretary sparked outrage yesterday by telling families whose benefits are being cut they should just work extra hours.

Therese Coffey said she was ‘entirely happy’ with the controvers­ial decision to axe the £20-a-week Universal Credit boost introduced at the start of the pandemic. She said millions of low-paid workers could make up the difference by working more hours or getting a better-paid job.

Miss Coffey also said the uplift was worth ‘two hours’ extra work every week’ even though the benefits system works in a way in which payments fall as claimants earn more. Analysis by Labour suggests a single parent on the national living wage would have to put in an extra ten hours a week to get their income back up by £20.

Ex-Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith also said yesterday that the cut, to be phased in from October, put Boris Johnson’s ‘levelling up’ agenda at risk.

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