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Eagle-eyed Calli’s a lifesaver


CALLI has won the Lifesaver award for spotting a man trying to take his own life.

The German shepherd, pictured, who turns two in November, had only worked for Kent Police for seven months when in June she and PC Megan West were sent to find a man threatenin­g to kill himself.

PC West, 28, of Stockbury, said: ‘It was dense woodland. Calli stopped and stood completely still, her eyes fixed into the distance off a path. ‘I couldn’t see a thing but she started barking furiously. I spotted a figure in the distance... but then realised he was suspended from a tree.’ The man survived and met them weeks later to give his thanks. PC West said: ‘I would never have found him that day if Calli hadn’t been with me. She’s my crewmate.’

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