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Police inspector set up spy cameras to film nude videos of models

- By George Odling Crime Reporter

A FORMER counter-terrorism police officer used spy cameras to take secret nude videos of women he had employed as photograph­ic models, a court heard.

Detective Inspector Neil Corbel, 40, was caught after one victim realised a digital clock in the room was actually a video camera.

The woman, who had agreed to pose for a naked photo shoot, went to police after looking up the clock’s brand name on the internet and discoverin­g it was in fact a covert recording gadget.

Officers found images of 51 women on Corbel’s hard drive and identified 19 victims who made statements against him.

Corbel, who has been suspended from the Scotland Yard’s ‘continuous policing improvemen­t command’, pleaded guilty to 19 voyeurism charges at Westminste­r Magistrate­s’ Court yesterday. The offences – not linked to his police work – took place in London, Brighton and Manchester between January 2017 and February last year.

He booked models on internet sites, giving false details and describing himself as a pilot, then planted disguised video cameras in hotel rooms, flats and Airbnb properties. The devices were hidden in items including tissue boxes, phone chargers, an air freshhis ener and his own spectacles.

Corbel took nearly 131 hours of footage, including video of the models changing before photo shoots began. Among victims were escorts who agreed to have sex with him but not to be filmed, said prosecutor Babatunde Alabi.

He added it was obvious from watching the videos that Corbel had manoeuvred the models to positions where his hidden cameras could capture graphic images.

Mr Alabi said some of the women became suspicious of items around the room but Corbel assured them no filming had taken place.

The prosecutor added that Corbel had set up the rooms where he carried out his crimes ‘well in advance with devices strategica­lly placed’.

Chief magistrate Paul Goldspring said he had gone to ‘extraordin­ary lengths’ to conceal what he was doing.

He adjourned sentencing to October 4 and warned Corbel, from Hertfordsh­ire, that he faced a possible jail term.

 ??  ?? Voyeur: Neil Corbel
Voyeur: Neil Corbel

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