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Fresh from the lab, the fish fingers of the future

- By Victoria Allen Science Correspond­ent

CAPTAIN Birds Eye may soon spend fewer days at sea as the company behind its famous fish fingers is researchin­g laboratory-grown seafood.

Europe’s largest frozen food group has teamed up with US company BlueNalu to develop food grown from cells in a lab.

Nomad Foods, which also owns the Findus and Green Cuisine brands, said it aimed to meet rising demand for fish and ensure it remained sustainabl­e in the long term.

BlueNalu creates seafood using living cells from the muscle, fat and connective tissue of a fish. These are given nutrients to make them multiply, and are then made into portions of seafood. The two companies will collaborat­e on market research and determine what is needed to gain regulator approval.

Stefan Descheemae­ker, of Nomad Foods, said: ‘The importance of sustainabi­lity has never been more apparent, and the role of technology in delivering these needs is accelerati­ng.’

Nomad, which is the world’s largest purchaser of sustainabl­e wild caught fish, said this agreement was the first of its kind in Europe.

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