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Fleming is for your eyes only


JAMES BOND creator Ian Fleming’s great-niece left fellow guests shaken... and stirred by the outfit she wore to a friend’s birthday party at the weekend.

Fashion PR Hum Fleming, 31, turned up at the bash, which had a ‘Myths and Legends’ theme, in a see-through ‘unitard’ which exposed her derriere.

Pictured with fellow partygoer Lucrezia Marzotto Caotorta, Hum joked: ‘Sun’s out, bums out.’

I’m not sure that suave 007 would approve.

■ COUNTESS Bathurst is out-ranked by her Rolls-Royce, The Duchess. That’s what she calls her dark-green Silver Cloud Mark II. ‘I named her that because she had a terribly grand number plate: 186 HRH,’ explains the Countess. ‘It always makes me smile when I drive her. You can see people saying, “Ooh — a vintage Rolls.” Then they see the number plate and say, “Ooh — HRH.” Then they see me, and they say, “Oh . . .” The disappoint­ment is almost palpable.’

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