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WHEN David Eagleman fell from a roof, he noticed how time slowed down. Ever since, David, now a professor of neuroscien­ce, has been fascinated by our sense of perception. His work is not just theoretica­l; David has created a wristband that allows deaf people to ‘hear’ through their skin, and is also exploring how we can improve our cognitive health. Today in THE LIFE SCIENTIFIC (RADIO 4, 9AM, 9.30PM), he tells Jim Al-Khalili how he believes everyone’s brain has its own truth, and that human perception is limitless.

FLOWERS in the UK are coming out earlier, orchids are heading north, and drought-tolerant plants are flourishin­g. Sadly, some delicate species are suffering or, in extreme cases, dying out altogether. For this week’s COSTING THE EARTH (RADIO 4,

3.30PM), the naturalist Mike Dilger is travelling from the Scottish Highlands to the East Anglian Fens to see how British flora is adapting to climate changes.

DMITRI SHOSTAKOVI­CH’S First Piano Concerto has its fiendishly difficult moments. There are tricky leaps and big, hand-stretching chords, plus complex rhythms that can, under the wrong hands, sound awkward. No fear of any of that in tonight’s RADIO 3 IN CONCERT (7.30PM), though, as the great British pianist Steven Osborne (pictured) sits at the keyboard to take us on a lyrical journey.

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