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We’re all now out

of lockdown, Or very nearly so. I’d like to go on holiday But don’t know where to go. There must be somewhere

not too far, Just to say I’ve been, And brag about the things

I’ve done And all the sights I’ve seen. I wouldn’t go abroad again, That’s not the thing to do. They don’t speak proper

English there — Not such like what I do. I could just go to Brighton. Walk up and down The Lanes, And into the amusements Any time it rains. Take a stroll along the pier, Visit the Marina. There’s plenty there to eat

and drink And definitely cleaner. I won’t go on a plane again With bad air circulatio­n. Terror threats and

baggage checks And much more

aggravatio­n. I will enjoy my holiday, Relaxing by the sea; If it’s good enough for

George the Fourth, It’s good enough

for me.

R. Harrington, Chelmsford, Essex.

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